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Video of Blaise giving some facial massage tips and how to use our new Organicspa range.

Be Healed by the Sea

by Shareen McLeish

We’ve all experienced the amazingly good feeling after a swim in the ocean. The exercise and cool water is refreshing and invigorating. But it’s more than that – a very different feeling to swimming in an indoors chlorinated pool. There are many reasons for this difference. Sea water has been used for healing throughout history.

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, evokes the beneficial effects of seawater in his Treaty of Medicine.  The word for sea water therapy is thalassotherapy, from the Greek “thalassa” meaning sea. Thalassotherapy health spas, in which heated seawater and other sea treatments are used therapeutically, have been around since the 1800’s. There are still thalassotherapy health spas today, mostly in Europe and Africa. Seaweed or mud wraps are available at most modern-day spas. For us lucky ones who live on the beautiful South East Coast of Australia we suggest you simply jump in the ocean!

Here are the ways in which seawater heals, detoxifies and regenerates the body:

Seawater has an Abundance of Nutrients and Health Giving Substances

As well as excreting sweat and wastes, our skin also absorbs nutrients from the environment. Interestingly, seawater has a similar composition to our blood plasma. It is believed that minerals and other micro substances are absorbed by the skin through the process of osmosis, even more-so when seawater is heated.

Salt is the main component (apart from H2O) in seawater. However, sea water is also rich in vitamins, mineral salts, trace elements, amino acids and living microorganisms which secrete antibiotic, bacteriostatic and hormonal substances with biological balancing effects. The mineral content of seawater includes magnesium which relaxes muscles and is calming on nerves. Iodine is essential for healthy thyroid function. Salt and potassium chloride speed up healing.
Seawater has been shown to be beneficial to arthritis, skin disorders and the immune system.

Ocean mist is rich in iodine and charged with negative ions

When we breathe in ocean mist, tiny molecules rich in iodine and charged with negative ions enter our body through the respiratory system. Negative ions accelerate our ability to absorb oxygen. They also balance levels of serotonin, a body chemical linked with mood and stress. This is why a walk on the beach can leave you feeling more alert, relaxed and energised.

The Sound of Ocean waves alters the wave patterns in the brain

This reduces stress and promotes well-being by lulling you into a deeply relaxed state.

Natural Sunlight

This releases endorphins increasing well-being. Moderate exposure is very beneficial for the skin and bones.

So you don’t even have to get wet! You can get thalassotherapy benefits from walking on the beach, breathing in the sea air or getting a seaside massage. Reminds me of a place.. 😉

The Physical qualities of water are also therapeutic

Cool water is invigorating and toning as well as soothing for the nerves. Warm water is relaxing. Floating induces deep relaxation.

Most would agree that there is something magical or spiritual about the ocean.

Looking out to the ocean as the waves thunder towards the shore, even on a cloudy day, the awe-inspiring beauty and power of the ocean somehow rarely fails to bring a feeling of peace and soothes the soul.

So enjoy Summer this year and make sure you make the most of our beautiful coastal city. Look after yourself in the most natural way by taking the time to immerse yourself in our abundant health giving waters. Or hang out at Wylie’s Baths with some of the ageless locals!






We feature baby and toddler massage, with our wonderful and ever popular therapist, Jen Lafferty. Jen launches here fantastic new pediatric massage classes this week. Learn more about what massage can do for carer and child or sign up for the course here.


We are also delighted to let you know that Hayley is now offering kinesiology at the clinic. Hayley’s fabulous massage has always been popular and her kinesiology is an amazing tool for healing. There’s so much to tell you about it that we will do an entire newsletter about this fascinating healing treatment in February. In the meantime – we have an introductory offer for you here.   
Of course, November means beautiful, warm outdoor massage at Wylie’s baths, and we are open every weekend in November so you can enjoy a dip’n’de-stress at wonderful Wylie’s. Have a swim and enjoy a fabulous massage afterwards. It really makes the perfect day!


Plus, this year at Wylie’s Marcia will be offering the fantastic, rhythmic, Polynesian style Ka Huna massage therapy on Thursdays and Fridays. And we are giving away a 1.5 hr Ka Huna massage so enter here.  


Plus, we have the perfect Christmas offer for a beautiful Christmas. Buy giftsfor your nearest and dearest – and get a sweet freebie for yourself from Santa (after all that hard shopping, you deserve it)!


In this month’s newsletter:




Happy November massage lovers 

From the team at Massage by the sea

Pediatric MassageBabyMassage

Parents and carers provide a core sense of safety and security for babies, and massage is a beautiful, natural and incredibly healing bond between parent and child. A soothing massage can calm an upset infant, help a toddler with mental and physical growth, let young kids feel safe and secure, and assist with teenagers’ self-confidence and stress reduction. But, many parents and carers have no idea how to massage and feel intimidated by the idea. Well, no need! It’s easy to learn, very powerful for parent and child, and probably more healing and healthy than you realize.


The power of touch should not be underestimated. It has been widely held for a long time that the absence of nurturing touch can significantly influence the growth in our children. A lack of touch makes us lose interaction with our environment and can induce stress and anger. 

Scientific research has shown that massage provides reduction in anxiety, depression and levels of stress hormones (most notably cortisol). You know as an adult how great you feel after a massage, so it makes sense that infants and children would most probably feel the same. The physical, psychological, and emotional benefits of touch for infants and children (including Pediatric patients who are hospitalized) have been well-documented in published research studies.


Nurturing touch doesn’t cost anything, and doesn’t require a prescription.  It does however take a small amount of your time each day to reach out and let someone know that you care about them. When used in conjunction with proper intention, the cumulative results of massage are remarkable!


Massage can assist with the following in infants and children:


  • – Helps deeper and longer sleep
  • – Aids digestive (gastro-intestinal) problems
  • – Reduces emotional stress
  • – Boosts the immune system by stimulating the lymphatic system
  • – Assists healthy weight gain in infants
  • – Reduces asthma attack severity or frequency by stimulating the respiratory system
  • – Reduces post-natal depression in mothers
  • – Increases parent/child bonding
  • – Reduces stress hormones (cortisol) by increasing the ‘feel good’ hormones (serotonin)
  • – Calms and relaxes – reducing anxiety and tension
  • – Assists muscular co-ordination and development 
  • – Provides relief from growing pains by alleviating tension in the muscles
  • – Improves focus and attention span
  • – Relieves the pain of mild juvenile rheumatoid arthritis


But it’s not just the kids that benefit. Parents or providers who give massagetherapy reap the benefits of hormone changes, providing relaxation frommassage.  Oxytocin (feel good hormone) is increased in the bodies of those who give and receive massage. All you need to do is learn a few simple techniques.


So – check out Jen’s course at Massage by the sea if you are interested in learning a bit more.

Pediatric Massage classesBabymassageclasses





Wow, doesn’t that all sound great!  But how do we go about massaging our children to help them reap these types of benefits?


One of our much loved therapists here at MBTS, Jen Lafferty is passionate about healing touch and helping others.  She believes strongly in the body’s innate ability to heal itself and one such tool to assist people in this healing process is massage.  Jen is a trained remedial and pediatric massage therapist and has studied in Australia and overseas to refine her skills in this space. 


Jen has developed a course to teach parents and careers how to safely and confidently massage their own children.   It’s currently being held on Wednesday’s at 11am here at MBTS upstairs room.  Call us today on (02) 9664 4400 to book your spot in our next course, or just to find out more.


Christmas Gifts Christmasoffer

Make it a pleasant and dare-we-hope, relaxing Christmas this year by giving some ‘me time’ to those around you. Massage by the sea gift vouchers can be redeemed for remedial, relaxation, sports, pregnancy, Ka Huna, detox, organic facial-massage packages and our unique outdoors Massage by the sea. Something for every man, woman and child in your life!


Gift Vouchers are available by email or post and can be bought:

Phone 02 9664 4400

At our Clovelly Indoors Centre or

From Wylie’s Baths Kiosk (cash only)

Buy 5 Gift Vouchers and get one FREE

I’m a fan of the ‘one for them, one for me’ Christmas gift shopping technique. Well, this is even easier. Buy five of these perfect present gift vouchers, in one easy click, and you get a freebie that you can give to a loved one, or gift to yourself for all your hard work over Christmas (that special loved one!)



Complete your Christmas shopping

with just a few clicks…

5+1 Offer only available for 6 treatments of the same duration and cost.

Massage Gift Vouchers are valid at either our indoors or outdoors location, excluding hot-stone and facial massage combinations which are only available at Clovelly indoors centre.

Health fund rebate receipts cannot be given for gift vouchers purchased or redeemed. Tax invoice receipts only.


Introductory Kinesiology OfferIntrokinesoffer
We are also delighted to let you know that Hayley is now offering kinesiology at the clinic.  


Kinesiology is an amazing holistic tool for healing. Expert kinesiology practitioners like Hayley can work with your muscle memory to see where emotional or physical trauma is still held in the body. Kinesiology uses muscle testing to pin point where stressed are held in the body and also to identify how to release them. Hayley uses gentle but powerful techniques which are non invasive to aid healing. By working holistically with the mind-body connection chronic, reoccuring and hard to treat conditions can be dealt with. Hayley is a firm believer in the power of our bodies to heal themselves, and her kinesiology practice is a wonderful demonstration of how she can effectively facilitate this.


Kinesiology can help with 

  • Pain or restricted movement, postural problems, headaches and migraines
  • Respiratory issues
  • Weight management
  • Nutritional imbalances, food reactions, digestive issues and recurring infections
  • Hormonal imbalances and Women’s health and fertility
  • Addictive patterns
  • Emotional issues, self sabotage patterns, trauma release, unresolved grief
  • Anxiety, phobias, panic attacks
  • Physical or mental fatigue and sleeping patterns
  • Learning challenges, concentration and memory

Hayley will be offering kinesiology at the clinic at these times:

Mondays 10am to 7.45pm

Wednesdays 10am to 7.45pm

Thursdays 10am to 7.45pm


We are so excited about this new service at the clinic that we are offering a special discounted introductory offer of only $100 for your first 90 min session (normally $150).   



Book here


Ka Huna at Wylies, opening times and competitionWylies

   Summer’s here!  

We are now in our 16th year at Wylie’s, and really, it isn’t Summer until you’ve had a massage by the sea after your dip!  Massage by the sea will be open Thursday and Friday (see below) and weekends in November and then seven sunny days a week through Summer from 8.45 am to 5pm.


This year we are lucky to have Marcia giving Ka Huna massages to the sound of the waves every Thursday and Friday.  Nothing could be more perfect!  Just click on booking link below to book online and please remember to pick ‘outdoor’ if you want your massage at Wylies.


To promote this fantastic new service, we are running two offers. You can try Ka Huna by the beach out for just $25 for a half hour session. Amazing value and a great way to test drive it! When booking online choose outdoors massage with Marcia, 30 minutes. Available this Thursday and Friday only.


Plus, we are giving away an hour and a half of indulgent Ka Huna massage at Wylie’s baths free to one lucky winner.


Just ‘reply ‘ to this email with your answer, include your phone number (and email address) and tell us in 25 words or less why you are looking forward to a Ka Huna massage at Wylies. Someone’s got to win so do it now!! 


 Book early for your Massage by the sea at Wylie’s



Competition closes Friday 14. Nov at 12 midnight
Winner will be picked by judges on Sat 15. Nov and notified by weds 19th Nov.

Prize is one 1.5 hr Ka Huna massage on a Thurs or Fri in November at Wylie’s Baths. Winners will need to pay to get into Wylie’s to redeem their massage.
Only one entry per person. Multiple entries are invalid

$25 Half hour Ka Huna massages are only available this Thursday 6th and Friday 7th at Wylies

With the sun finally here, this month’s newsletter is all about getting out into nature and the amazing health and emotional benefits of exercising. We also look at how massage can help you with sports injuries, and other health issues that may affect those who can’t get out and about as easily. We feature our talented therapist Raquel de Souza whose amazing healing hands can assist with all sorts of injuries and diseases, and look at fruit that can help revitalize and energise. Happy October massage lovers!– The team at Massage by the sea   In this month’s newsletter: Exercise, health and healingSports massage and massage for diseasesMeet RaquelVitality fruitsPrice update Wylies opening times – book early  Have an energizing October! Warm regardsFrom the team at Massage by the sea

Exercise, health and healingExercisehealthandhealing

Now that the sun is finally here, it feels like time to get out and about. We all know that too much sun is really bad for your skin, so bear that in mind (and look out for next month’s newsletter when we tell you how foods can help prevent and heal sun damage). But, getting out feels good and is good for us, so we thought we’d remind you with five great reasons for putting down the video/game console controls and getting out into nature and exercising.


1. Exercise

We all know it’s good for us. Even standing up is better for us than sitting down all day (and we predict that stand-up desks and even treadmills will be the trendy new hip thing at funky new offices soon)

Did you also know that exercise is the very best, natural, no bad side-effects, free, anti-depressant? (

So come on, no excuses now it’s not raining!


2. Vitamin D

When we eat Vitamin D, our body converts it into a hormone. This hormone is sometimes called “activated vitamin D” or “calcitriol” and it controls calcium levels in the blood. It’s vital for a healthy immune system and helps protect against osteoporosis and other muscular-skeletal problems, cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, autoimmune disorders and heart disease. As always, the best source of Vitamin D is the natural one – the sun. So, get outdoors!


3. Eye Health and sleep

It seems that artificial light could be an increasing problem for eyesight. In 2011 the New York Times ( published an article that found that “among American children with two myopic parents, those who spent at least two hours a day outdoors were four times less likely to be nearsighted that those who spent less than one hour a day outside”

If you work on a computer inside, you are also at risk of something called Computer Vision Syndrome, which can include headaches, neck ache, blurred vision and back pain.


Natural sunlight is also great for your eye health, and what’s good for your eyes is good for your sleep. A series of nerve cells in the eye control how sleepy we get (


So, spending too much time indoors, along with shift-work, can affect our circadian rhythms… the things that tell us when to sleep and when to wake. Which is why some people who have been blind since birth and some elderly people with cataracts have difficulty with regular sleep patterns. Not only is not sleeping annoying, it can be associated with depression, immune impairment and cancer. Artificial light, and especially the blue light emitted from computers, can inhibit the release of melatonin. The take out from this? You need natural sunlight to sleep!


4. Fresh Air

We are lucky that many of us in Sydney (especially in the eastern suburbs) live near the ocean. Whilst there is pollution in this big city of ours, it seems that indoor pollution is much worse than outdoor (

The health risks of pollutants are clear, including asthma, lung cancer, heart disease and chronic bronchitis. Yikes! You still indoors reading this?

Bonus: A NASA study found 15 houseplants that improve indoor air quality, including Aloe, snake plant, golden pothos, and chrysanthemum.  Turning your home into a Rainforest grove is a worthwhile supplement to getting outside. 


5. Grounding

Hippies have been walking barefoot since the 60’s, and many of us love the feel of fresh grass on our toes but did you know that being physically in touch with the earth might provide health benefits? According to one study ( ‘grounding’ can have anti-inflammatory and energizing effect on the body as well as assisting sleep patterns (this is linked to the fact that the earth’s surface, unlike it’s atmosphere, possesses a limitless and continuous renewed supply of free or mobile electrons) So perhaps those hippies were right after all and you need to get your toes out and suck up those vibes!




Thanks to Appalachian trails for much of this information (


Sports massage and massage for diseasessport


If you are getting out there and exercising this spring, good on you! But remember that sports massage should play an important part of your regime, whether you are an athlete or just increasing your activity levels.


Massage has a number of benefits both physical, physiological and psychological for everyone.

However, sports massage can help maintain the body in generally better condition, prevent injuries and loss of mobility, cure and restore mobility to injured muscle tissue, boost performance and allow you to keep exercising for longer as you age.


Massage as part of your exercise regime has numerous benefits. The stroking movements in massage suck fluid through blood and lymph vessels. This is especially important in tight or damaged muscle tissue, as a tight muscle will squeeze blood out like a sponge, depriving the tissues of vital nutrients and energy to repair.


Deep massage causes the pores in tissue membranes to open, enabling fluids and nutrients to pass through. This helps remove waste products such as lactic acid and encourage the muscles to take up oxygen and nutrients and recover quicker.


Massage stretches muscles in ways they may not normally be stretched, and can help break down scar tissue which otherwise may cause inflexibility and areas prone to pain and injury. Hard training can make tissues hard and inelastic, all the stretching in massage helps reverse this.


All these benefits also help us non-athlete types keep our muscles in top form. They also help with chronic disease. For example, Parkinson’s which is a progressive degeneration of the central nervous system, and is incurable. Massage has long been shown to help with symptoms. Parkinson’s disease typically causes muscle stiffness and rigidity, bodywork’s ability to alleviate joint and muscle stiffness makes it a logical choice. But massage also helps with the depression that often accompanies Parkinson’s.


Massage can also be great for other chronic diseases, specifically arthritis, osteoporosis, postural problems, stress, anxiety, depression, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and inflammatory disorders.


Massage by the sea has therapists who specialize in sport and remedial massage and can work with those of us who are fitness freaks, light exercisers, ageing or facing any of the above conditions. 


Featured therapist – Raquel de SouzaFeattherapist

One of our very talented therapists, Rachel de Souza, has years of working with these issues. Rachel has spent over 10 years working with Rugby clubs and professional athletes, as well as marathon runners and City to Surfers. She has worked in chiropractic and physiotherapy clinics and is a Graduate in Physical Education. She also has years of experience specializing in sport and rehabilitation massage with people with any kind of disability, including Parkinson’s, wheelchair users, and those recovering after injury.


Revitalising food factrevitalisingfood


All this talk of exercise is making me tired. Like many people, I often go for a coffee or something sugary to give me a much needed energy boost. But did you know that fruits perk you up a much as coffee does? That’s right – grab and apple instead of a coffee in the morning and it will wake you up just as much.

Fruit doesn’t contain caffeine, but it does have a high level of natural sugars. Natural being an important word – because natural sugar is made mainly of glucose, and as long as you are digesting that apple of piece of fruit you are getting the energy boosting glucose hit.

Plus the vitamins in the skin of an apple are released slowly throughout the body making you feel more awake. There may not be the big caffeine hit, but there will also be no crash.


Price updatepriceupdate 

Due to some increased costs, we will have to change our charges and as of the 1st
November a one hour massage will be $95. This is our first increase for three years.


However, our loyal customers are still being rewarded. On your 6th massage with us you receive a $20 discount, and on your 12th a $40 discount.


Plus, all our massage therapists are HICAPS registered (with a few individual health fund exceptions) and we have HICAPS facilities and receipts available for health fund rebates.

Massage by the sea at WyliesWylies
Saturday 1st November



We will definitely know Summer is here in a few weeks’ time on Sat 1st November when Massage by the sea return to Wylie’s Baths. 

We will be open weekends in November and then seven sunny days a week through Summer from 8.45 am to 5pm.

Now in our 16th year at Wylie’s, it isn’t Summer until you’ve had a massage by the sea after your dip!


Book early for your Massage by the sea at Wylie’s


1 September 2014

The last few weeks have been rainy and blustery, but Spring is definitely on it’s way. It’s nearly Spring equinox, when night and day are exactly the same length, and we are coming out of hibernation with a fantastic seasonal discount for you.

On 13th September we get 15 minutes of fame!

Massage by the sea will be shown on Sydney Weekender on Channel 7 (5:30 – 6:30pm). Cuba and Iveta give star performances, as well as their always fantastic massages, at Wylie’s baths. Check it out and let us know what you think on our facebook page!

Also in this month’s newsletter:

This Sunday – Father’s Day Gift Vouchers
Spring equinox 5 rejuvenation tips
Meet our new team member
Ka Huna special discount
Ka Huna Bodywork and the Huna philosophy

Have an uplifting Spring!

Warm regards,

from the team at Massage by the sea



Father-and-son ME

Father’s Day Gift Vouchers

September 7th

We know from experience how much Dads love a relaxing or remedial massage (for the sporty ones). So much nicer than socks or a tie! So if you haven’t got a present for him there’s still time with our gift vouchers.

All Massage gift vouchers can be used at either our Clovelly Indoors Centre or Wylie’s Baths Outdoors Centre. Gift vouchers are available on-line or over the phone 02 9664 4400. Please let us know if you would like your gift voucher emailed.



Sprig lamb

Spring Equinox rejuvenation tips

On the 23rd September it will be Spring Equinox when day and night are exactly the same length.

In the Northern Hemisphere this is Easter, the time of Christ’s rebirth. However, it is celebrated with chocolate bunnies, daffodils and Easter eggs…. Why? Bunnies because they breed like crazy, daffodils because they are the first plants of Spring, and eggs as a fertility sign. The festival originated as a Pagan spring festival, Ostara, when we traditionally celebrate new life and rebirth. It is the time to remember that every Winter must end. I like to think of this as a reminder also that every trouble or problem we have will also come to pass.

So here’s five tips for how you can celebrate Spring:


1. Balance your life

Think about the key areas of your life. Love, Family, Friends, Money, Work, Spirituality, Self-care, Exercise, Food, Fun, Home, Learning and whatever else is important to you. Take a few moments to work out how much time you spend a day, a week, or a month on different parts of your life. Then rank which areas of your life are most important to you. Have a look and see where you are out of balance. Are you spending lots of time giving to others without a moment’s solitude or rest for you? Whilst we all have to make sacrifices in the short-term, this is not sustainable. Work out a way to slowly begin to shift into a more balanced and sustainable structure, and if you need help doing it, ask for it.

2. Create

I’m always impressed with people who don’t just think of good ideas, but actually take steps to turn a thought into a physical object. Spring is all about creation. But you don’t have to make babies! You can create anything, any time – a new recipe, a new route to work, a new idea for a business, a new hobby or even an old creative hobby – writing, painting, knitting, building matchstick houses! Whatever it is, big or small, silly or smart, get in touch with that imagination of yours and express it.

3. Bring in the new (sweep out the old)

Heard of Spring cleaning? Yes, well, it’s that time of year when we crawl out of our winter burrows and face the world afresh. It’s a great time to revisit New Year resolutions and see what has dropped off or changed. Now is the time to bring more of what you want into your life, a new approach, fresh love, new life or new life blown into an old situation. If this means getting rid of some of the deadwood then do it!

4. Plant seeds

Spring is the perfect time to get into the garden, or balcony. If you planted bulbs last autumn they will already be flowering. Now is the time to plant the seeds that will give you a wonderful display (or salad) come Summer. If you don’t have a balcony or garden, check out your local Community Garden and get involved!

5. Hope

Winter is nearly over, and Spring is a time to remember that there is always hope through bad times that things will change. So now is a good time to start becoming more optimistic. No, it’s not just a personality trait, there are actually ways you can nurture a more optimistic outlook. Here’s a few to try:

  • See the bigger picture – how bad will this really be in 10 years’ time?
  • Re-frame your bad experience and see what you learnt from it – there’s always something (even if it is to never do it again!) In fact, perhaps your experience may help someone else. Pass it forward!
  • Focus on what is in your control and what small steps you can take forward. Let go of the rest
  • Be grateful – write a gratitude list every day for 2 weeks (I notice a lot of these on Facebook these days)
  • Focus on what you want and how you are getting there, not where you were.
  • Be nice to yourself, treat yourself with kindness and sympathy. Don’t blame yourself for life’s ups and downs.

Marcia for web

New Ka Huna bodyworker at Massage by the sea

We are pleased to welcome a new therapist, Marcia Diamond, to Massage by the sea.

Marcia is a passionate and dedicated therapist whose primary focus is to empower mind, body and spirit. In her work, she integrates a diverse range of techniques including Kinesiology, Hawaiian Massage, Aromatherapy, Crystal Healing and Card Readings.

Marcia loves to work together with her clients to create real, positive changes in their lives in order to assist them in discovering their own inner resources, and be at their optimal best.

To celebrate her arrival, we are offering a special $25 discount on Ka Huna so book now!



Ka Huna Bodywork Special Discount:

Book a one-hour Ka Huna bodywork session with Marcia before 27th September to receive a $25 discount.

Terms and conditions

One discount per 1 hour booking. One discounted booking per person. To receive discount of $25 you must book a one-hour Ka Huna massage with Marcia Diamond at Massage by the Sea and say you read about the discount in this newsletter. You must book this massage before Saturday 27th September 2014. Your must have your massage before October 18th 2014 for the discount to apply.




Ka Huna bodywork and the Huna philosophy

Ka Huna, or Lomi Lomi bodywork comes from the beautiful and magical islands of Hawai’i. Huna is the pacific islanders’ system of healing, philosophy and knowledge based on the idea of ‘Aloha’. A Kahuna is the shaman or practitioner of huna arts. The bodywork itself is not just a massage, but also a complete experience. It was originally used during rites of passage as a transformational and healing ceremony.

Ka Huna has been used as a system for personal growth and development, and as a healing and spiritual discipline for over a thousand years. The word Huna comes fromHu relating to the male energy, and Na to the female. Much like Chinese medicine seeks to balance Yin and Yang, Ka Huna brings together and balances the body and mind in it’s physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions.

Ka Huna is a vigorous and rhythmic massage, which sweeps across you in relaxing waves. The practitioner is trained to bring loving intention and focus to the client – and this is the essence of the ‘Aloha’ spirit that is sacred to Hawaiians. The word “Aloha’ comes from ‘Alo’ meaning to be present with, and ‘Oha’ meaning happiness and love and ‘Ha’ which means the breath of life. Therefore Aloha translates roughly as “To be joyfully connected and filled with the loving breath of life” or, as I prefer, “Our hearts singing together with life”.

Ka Huna celebrates life, bringing together mind, body and spirit in its natural flow and rhythm. Supporting and assisting the Whole Self (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) to be at its optimal best.

The body worker uses a combination of movement, dance, rhythm, breath and energy that awakens the whole self to release stress, gain balance, clarity and connect to heart. This beautiful form of body work provides a holistic approach to healing with its long flowing movements using hands, arms, elbows gliding in a rhythmic, soothing, energizing and soulful dance

Ka Huna is excellent for re-energizing, rebalancing and rejuvenating and can be helpful in maintaining and improving joint flexibility. It’s also great for your lymphatic, immune, circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems. And of course, like most massages it really helps with general wellbeing, vitality and deep relaxation.

 Book a Ka Huna massage and get a Spring discount here 







21 October 2013




The local community is making Clovelly Road
better for a day. We’re adding trees, plants, tables,
chairs, art, music, slowing car speeds, and creating
better, safer conditions for everyone—including
kids, seniors, and people walking and cycling.
The aim is to bring the community together,
encourage everyone to re-imagine the street, and
build momentum for permanent improvements.

27 October 2013
Sunday 11.00am—3.30pm, between Arden & Beach streets

Come and see it in action, and give us your ideas on how local streets can be better. The event has been approved by Randwick Council and we’ll be providing feedback to them after the day. For more info search online for ‘Clovelly Road Better Block’ or








14 October 2013

 Our Five Top Tips to “Spring into Spring” – from our spring emailspring


1)     “Step into Spring” – Try increasing your exercise and fitness as the warmer weather approaches with some cardio exercise such as brisk walks or running. My naturopath gently suggested I should try to sweat! At the same time, protect yourself from injury by stretching out those tight winter muscles and building core strength with pilates and yoga. See the article by Jane Taylor from Inspirit Pilates further on in this blog.

2)      Spring food -The citrus fruits such as grapefruits, lemons and oranges are seasonal spring fruits. Use them in salads and dressings, and they are helpful to boost immunity after winter. Over eating pumpkin soup? Move to lighter, fresher dishes such as salads and spring roasts.  The Taste website has more than 1,000 salad recipes, barbecue recipes, picnic recipes and recipes for the great outdoors.

3)      Dry Skin Brushing – Great to remove old dead skin cells, invigorate and get the lymphatic system moving to mop up and release winter toxins from body. 

4)      Spring Aromatherapy – use essential oils that are floral, energising, herbaceous and sweet.

5)      Spring Gardening – On a lovely spring day there is nothing like the warmth of the sun on your back and your hands in the earth bringing new life to the soil by planting spring plants and herbs. This is the time of year to plant basil, chives, coriander, dill, mint, oregano, parsley, sage and thyme. No need for a full garden – a few pots on your balcony will do and you will be set with your cooking herbs for the season!

Newest team member


A warm welcome to George our newest team member; George graduated from University in 2008 with a bachelor degree in physiotherapy in Egypt. He came to Sydney in 2011.

George has worked as a massage therapist and physiotherapist assistant for the past 7 years.

He is available at our Clovelly clinic – Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday

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Step into Spring with Postural Strengthpilaties


Building Core Strength with Pilates


Spring is teasing us with the beautiful clear sunny days but it is still chilly reminding us that winter hasn’t quite left yet. We are ready to start moving and ease into spring but our bodies still have that winter tightness. Tight muscles can be eased by an excellent massage – ahhh the very thought, but often the question is: how to keep that feeling of ease going? How to keep moving well and feel a bit lighter?


People who work long hours in one position such as in an office setting, can find it especially difficult to maintain ease of movement. Sitting in front of a computer, you may find that you slump a bit, the shoulders round forward and the neck and the lower back tighten; and the tummy and bottom really don’t do much to support you at all. The mind is engaged but the body is forgotten. Yet we can, and often do, hold this posture for hours. (Can you imagine holding any other pose that long, five days a week?).


A good way to counterbalance this inactivity is to build up postural resistance through specific strengthening and stretching exercises. Pilates is a wonderfully rich series of exercises that stretch and strengthen muscles over the whole body with particular emphasis on building good core strength. Pilates helps improve movement and breathing habits, it can be used to complement your other activities when you are well and remedially it can assist after injury or alleviate long-term conditions. The range is really varied so it is also for sportspeople and elite athletes wanting a strong full body workout that makes the most of their movements.


Today I was fortunate in seeing two clients who started Pilates some months ago wondering if it might give them any help with chronic back and hip pain respectively. Now it is wonderful to see them moving painlessly with ease, doing exercises they previously thought way beyond their limits and hearing of all the other hikes and activities they do.


If you would like to improve your posture and movement habits (or if you are living with injuries/conditions/stiffness and would like to move past this) you too might like to try a regular Pilates workout. It can be tailored to address your specific needs. Either mat or equipment based exercises are fabulous. Equipment based exercises use spring resistance and mat workouts use body weight resistance.


As Pilates focuses on improving habits, I recommend you attend a studio where the groups are small and the instructor helps you with technique – a private session is really worth the investment to  learn about how your body moves and make small adjustments that can take away strain and let you move more comfortably. And comfort is a great state to be in.


Jane is Director of Inspirit Pilates and teaches in studios at Coogee, Clovelly and Maroubra.